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the new movement

With the youth getting more and more engaged in sociocivic activities, and political unrest rising, marketing gurus have jumped onto the bandwagon of promoting nationhood and belonging. We are no longer constrained by geographic boundaries, but according to one guy, "the depth of our aspirations" as Filipinos.

Indeed all this new hoopla may be a positive thing, but as advertising often has a hidden agenda, what are these new campaigns, such as OneTama, AkoMismo, and IAmNinoy, not saying? Where is the substance to corroborate their do-gooding style? And how does the audience respond? What does this response tell us about identity and nationhood? 

Do these campaigns engage the people by talking to them or talking at them? How do they change the face of what it means to be a Filipino today? And for all of their shortcomings, is our little country all the better for their existence?

The ultimate question: What genuine impact do these campaigns create?

I'm interested in hearing your thoughts.

In the meantime, here's an interesting commentary by the original Akomismo.